Expected Results

The main benefits can be summarized as follows:
  • Demonstrate the technical, digital and operational feasibility of seamless handling of cargo within supply chain operations across companies and transport modes.
  • Recommending industry standards for iso modular logistics units to be deployed along the entire supply chain of different branches for a European wide and global market introduction.
  • Develop models to assess the supply chain benefits providing a methodology for cross process and cross company supply chain analysis for industry and policy makers.
  • A clear information handling approach, including data consistency and transport monitoring along the journey as model contributing to extend and enhance standardization developments in eFreight and iCargo.
  • Developing optimization algorithms for loading capacity optimization and scheduling transferring especially to SME user groups.
  • Enhance the innovation process at the interface material and transport flow to stimulate a gradual market take up and implementation process.
  • Stimulate the market uptake of new interconnected logistics systems and other innovations developed and tested within the project and thereby increasing the viability of the implementation.

Modulushca Project Final Results:



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